My name is Lisa, and I'm a Mormon!

I'm a Mormon.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


School ended on June 18th on the 21st we were up at Girls Camp, I called it Plan B camp as everything we were planning on doing had to be severely altered due to the rain. We were going to hike up Mt Spokane and that didn't happen as it was so cold and rainy. We spent the first day at the church doing projects.

Tuesday the 22nd was our 9th anniversary and as usual I was at Girls Camp which is a great place to be. We hiked up Indian Painted Rock that day and had a great time. We got the tents up and got the girls out of the cabins for that night. It was a great bonding experience in the cabins as we are combining 3 wards with the ward changes. We also had a great dutch oven cook off and a professional dutch ovenist came and cooked for us and did a demo. It was good and yummy!! Thanks Deb!!

Wednesday we did Team Building and then we went on the lake, Bro Smarts boat didn't work so we used the Jamison's so not everyone was able to go out but Lake Day is in August. It was a great Ward Camp.

Then we got home to go to a family Reunion up in Deer Park. It was great and I was glad to be at home in my own bed after all of that.

Today started Cub Scout Day Camp and then we have the Trek and Courtney's wedding. I am getting so excited to go to Utah it has been 10 years since I was in Utah and Jonathan has never been to that state yet. It will be a nice weekend trip!!