My name is Lisa, and I'm a Mormon!

I'm a Mormon.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Trying a new thing

Get on the Hallelujah Diet it is great sign up and it gives you 2 different 60 day challenges. It is amazing how you feel. The freshly juiced carrot juice is so yummy. I am in combination with that doing T-tapp, I love that exercise regime and I do Step it to the max cardio and on the other day I do Basic Workout Plus and 30 minutes of rebounding.

I feel great. I am doing good. So far the kids are doing great on their personal challenges to stay off sugar and junk for 1 year. Jonathan passed the acid test of going to a birthday party and turning down cake and ice cream. The mom's were so proud of him and they had to call and tell me.

It is going good, we can eat healthy and have it taste so yummy. I am trying to find a good excaliber food dehydrator, a friend is letting me borrow one and I want one of my own.

Have a healthy day, and eat your greens. I also learned on the Hallelujah Diet that you can throw in celery to your green smoothie. I did that this morning and yummy. I love celery!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Busy, Busy

Summer 2010

Jonathan's Surgery
Girls Camp
Family Reunion
Cub Scout Day Camp
Jeremy's High Adventure
Youth Pioneer Trek
Courtney's Wedding in Salt Lake
Courtney's Reception in Spokane Wa
Courtney's Reception in Kamiah Idaho (August 14)

Then I will post pictures and update this blog. It has been one busy summer. Enjoyable but very busy.

Have a great day and look for pictures!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


School ended on June 18th on the 21st we were up at Girls Camp, I called it Plan B camp as everything we were planning on doing had to be severely altered due to the rain. We were going to hike up Mt Spokane and that didn't happen as it was so cold and rainy. We spent the first day at the church doing projects.

Tuesday the 22nd was our 9th anniversary and as usual I was at Girls Camp which is a great place to be. We hiked up Indian Painted Rock that day and had a great time. We got the tents up and got the girls out of the cabins for that night. It was a great bonding experience in the cabins as we are combining 3 wards with the ward changes. We also had a great dutch oven cook off and a professional dutch ovenist came and cooked for us and did a demo. It was good and yummy!! Thanks Deb!!

Wednesday we did Team Building and then we went on the lake, Bro Smarts boat didn't work so we used the Jamison's so not everyone was able to go out but Lake Day is in August. It was a great Ward Camp.

Then we got home to go to a family Reunion up in Deer Park. It was great and I was glad to be at home in my own bed after all of that.

Today started Cub Scout Day Camp and then we have the Trek and Courtney's wedding. I am getting so excited to go to Utah it has been 10 years since I was in Utah and Jonathan has never been to that state yet. It will be a nice weekend trip!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life is good!!

We have been painting the upstairs and adding color into our lives. It looks really good. I am so happy to have things almost done and put back together. I will update you when I have them all done and some pictures to show, I am going to choose new curtains for the upstairs. Any great idea's.

Thanks and happy May to all!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let the Games Begin!!

We are planning a wedding. Any one have great and fabulous ideas for a great wedding reception in the hot month of August.

I was at a health fair yesterday and the food table was so fabulous the layers and they just used pans to elevate the food on different levels. I took a picture on my phone and texted it to Courtney and I wish I had my other camera to show you. The veggies and fruits were very elegant and that is what I would like to do at her reception.

Idea's are always welcome!!!

I am excited, I love to plan things and this will be a fun party for Courtney and Cameron.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Times!!

We are all about having good times, at the Alder Hacienda. We are enjoying our time here with Courtney and her boyfriend Cameron. We had a Great Spring Break, and now we are enjoying a nice spring season. For Conference weekend we went to Lewiston/Clarkston to see my sisters and my mom came to see us too.

Things are going well and we are so happy. I have lots of pictures to post and I will. Meanwhile stay happy as my sis in law Waz always says to me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Horn Show

Here is our booth and fun attractions that we saw at the Big Horn Outdoor adventure Show that we did this past weekend. It was great, I had to get a picture of a professional (yeah right) sign that had an error in it. It cracked me up all weekend and the funny thing was that a lot of people didn't notice the error. What has our world come to/

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In case you were wondering

Just in case you were wondering, we are a wee bit attached to this little critter. We love him so much and he has caused us so much additional joy and happiness to our lives. It has been fun. He wakes me up 2 times at night to take him out and go potty and today--yuck!! Jeremy needs to clean up after him. I take the night shift and he needs to clean the do do.

He has been so much fun and we love him. We can't wait until Courtney can meet him. He will be much bigger next month when she gets the pleasure to meet him for the first time.

Have a great day everyone and love ya lots.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kibius & Kale

When we got Kibius he was on a bad diet, he was eating bad dog food. Known to the Veternarians as a the typical SAD diet Standard American Diet of Junk food. Well lately he has been going a lot and I was wondering if he was cleansing or what since we were feeding him good and introducing fruits and vegetables into his daily diet slowly. Well yesterday I took him out to the snow and realized that he always has to eat some Kale daily on his potty trips and I thought that is why. I think he is ready now for the green smoothies, don't you?

He is so cute as he plays and gets more playful daily and making such great progresses. It has been a fun week as we have had him.

The boys love giving him a bath, he cleans up really good. He has been fun for Jonathan as Jonathan loves telling him what to do and giving him commands and teaching him tricks. Paul is teaching him that he is Alpha and he needs to obey.

Ahh..The fun we are having with a little puppy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I know, we got a dog. A St Bernard Puppy. I think we are all smitten. He is so cute. His name by default is Kibius as we (the boys and dad) thought Goliath was a fabulous name and Jonathan kept on saying Kibius. We will definately be loving this dog. He is so cute. He had a bath last night with Jeremy and Jonathan and he got brushed and is mighty cute. We are so happy. We have a puppy. He walked Jonathan to the bus stop this morning and was cute with all of the kids. I think this will be a fun family dog for the next many years. He will be loved and walked daily and fed a good vegetarian diet and eat very healthy. Maybe he will learn to love the green smoothies also. Will keep you posted on that.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy 15 Birthday Jeremy!!

Jeremy Turned 15 on February 1st,
He started School at Mead High School that day and had a fun day. Welcome to our world here full of lots of neat and exciting adventures and fun just waiting to be had.

15 things we love about Jeremy Paul Alder
1. He was born on February 1st 1995, he weighed in at 11 pounds 1 ounce.
2. He is a happy, driven boy.
3. He is a good hard worker.
4. He loves to get his chores, and homework done so he can earn some electronic time.
5. He is a good brother to his younger sister and brother and older sister.
6. He is a good student, of both the gospel and of secular things.
7. He loves to go paint balling and play with the air soft rifles.
8. He loves the great out doors.
9. He plans this year to get his drivers permit, and his hunting license.
10. He will be an eagle scout this year.
11. He loves ramen noodles, lasagna and other such pasta's.
12. Favorite dessert is pie.
13. Has a positive out look on life.
14. Makes and keeps friends easily.
15. Have a great year and we love you, good luck in all that you aspire to.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Day, all is well!!!

Life is good, we just got our rewards check from Costco, I love the Executive Membership where you get 2% back on your purchases. It is a beautiful thing. We have been really busy also going through our house and de - cluttering it room by room, and getting things ready for our annual spring yard sale. It has been lovely. Life is good and we are all doing well.

Happy Day, all is well!!!

Life is good, we just got our rewards check from Costco, I love the Executive Membership where you get 2% back on your purchases. It is a beautiful thing. We have been really busy also going through our house and de - cluttering it room by room, and getting things ready for our annual spring yard sale. It has been lovely. Life is good and we are all doing well.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Spring!!

WOW!!! That is all I can say about this lovely spring like weather we are having in January. I am not complaining I am loving this. I am excited to start gardening and I want to get more fruit trees and bushes for lots of fun in Canning Season.

Life is good!!! I am happy and things are going well. I hope it goes to say that for all of you. 2010 has been good for us so far!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Jonathan Paul Alder!!!

Happy 7th Birthday Jonathan, 7 things we love about Jonathan.
1.Very Sweet & Kind, fun loving, thoughtful
2. Destined to be the best reader ever!! Loves to learn new things and his favorite subject is Science.
3.Loves the outdoors, wants to shoot a deer, bear and a turkey with his buddy Les.
4.Happy Child, this child is always happy in a good mood and knows how to have a good laugh, he has a heart of gold!!
5. His sissy's would say he is a great one to take to the mall, loves to be where people are and to talk to everyone. He dosen't know a stranger and everyone is his friend.
6. Wants to be a fire fighter, work at Cabela's and a Chiropractor when he gets older.
7. Has a great outlook on life and he will go far.

Jonathan we love you, you have had a lot of things to overcome in your young life. You have had 2 major eye surgeries in the past year and you are going to do great this year and to hit the ground running. He wants to read the book of mormon before he gets baptized next year. Best of luck we love you.

Love Mommy & Daddy

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Jonathan had his birthday with Courtney before she left at Red Robin. That was fun!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Courtney Goes To BYU-Idaho

Our trip began New Years Day at noon, to arrive in Rexburg Idaho about 12:00 AM Mountain time, with stops in Spokane, Missoula, and the very snowy mountain passes, stops to stretch, gas up.

We stayed with Paul's Aunt and Uncle Kay & Penny Bybee. On Saturday we went to Russel & Melinda's to Unload Courtneys stuff. We were there about an hour then Paul, Russel, Cameron, Courtney, and Jonathan went to go rent books. Russel said he was going to look into renting books so they did. They dropped Courtney off to go to Orientation. In the mean time Reid and Naomi came up from Utah to see us so Paul & I and Reid and Naomi went to Idaho Falls to do some more errands and then to come back to Russel's house to play games and to hang out.

Sunday we left stopping by to see Grandma Bybee, and then back on the road home. It was a great trip. Courtney is going to do great in School and we are so excited for her. If you would like to keep in touch with her:
Her address is
520 Yale Ave #114
Rexburg, Idaho 83440

Here's to a fabulous School year Courtney, we miss you but we know you will do awesome and have a wonderful time, meet great friends and have the time of your life. See ya.