My name is Lisa, and I'm a Mormon!

I'm a Mormon.

Thursday, October 13, 2011 Campaign!

It started on October 3rd, the Spokane campaign launch!! I keep on checking to see if my profile is posted and as of yet it isn't. I am so excited to have more public awareness of the Mormon faith. I love to watch the videos of other Mormon's and see what they say. I challenge you to watch some of them. We are normal everyday people doing things to help others.

Have a great day and take a peek...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Spring!

We hope it is a great spring, we have been busy with our lives. Jonathan is a wrestler and he loves it. He has taken the bronze at the last few tournaments. It has been great. We love life and all the kids are doing great.

Training for a triathlon this summer.

Boys Team:
Paul Bike
Jeremy Swim
Andy (Paul's Brother) Run

Girls Team:
Lisa Bike
Miranda Swim
Patti (Andy's wife) Run

It will be fun!!

Happy Spring!