My name is Lisa, and I'm a Mormon!

I'm a Mormon.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kibius & Kale

When we got Kibius he was on a bad diet, he was eating bad dog food. Known to the Veternarians as a the typical SAD diet Standard American Diet of Junk food. Well lately he has been going a lot and I was wondering if he was cleansing or what since we were feeding him good and introducing fruits and vegetables into his daily diet slowly. Well yesterday I took him out to the snow and realized that he always has to eat some Kale daily on his potty trips and I thought that is why. I think he is ready now for the green smoothies, don't you?

He is so cute as he plays and gets more playful daily and making such great progresses. It has been a fun week as we have had him.

The boys love giving him a bath, he cleans up really good. He has been fun for Jonathan as Jonathan loves telling him what to do and giving him commands and teaching him tricks. Paul is teaching him that he is Alpha and he needs to obey.

Ahh..The fun we are having with a little puppy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I know, we got a dog. A St Bernard Puppy. I think we are all smitten. He is so cute. His name by default is Kibius as we (the boys and dad) thought Goliath was a fabulous name and Jonathan kept on saying Kibius. We will definately be loving this dog. He is so cute. He had a bath last night with Jeremy and Jonathan and he got brushed and is mighty cute. We are so happy. We have a puppy. He walked Jonathan to the bus stop this morning and was cute with all of the kids. I think this will be a fun family dog for the next many years. He will be loved and walked daily and fed a good vegetarian diet and eat very healthy. Maybe he will learn to love the green smoothies also. Will keep you posted on that.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy 15 Birthday Jeremy!!

Jeremy Turned 15 on February 1st,
He started School at Mead High School that day and had a fun day. Welcome to our world here full of lots of neat and exciting adventures and fun just waiting to be had.

15 things we love about Jeremy Paul Alder
1. He was born on February 1st 1995, he weighed in at 11 pounds 1 ounce.
2. He is a happy, driven boy.
3. He is a good hard worker.
4. He loves to get his chores, and homework done so he can earn some electronic time.
5. He is a good brother to his younger sister and brother and older sister.
6. He is a good student, of both the gospel and of secular things.
7. He loves to go paint balling and play with the air soft rifles.
8. He loves the great out doors.
9. He plans this year to get his drivers permit, and his hunting license.
10. He will be an eagle scout this year.
11. He loves ramen noodles, lasagna and other such pasta's.
12. Favorite dessert is pie.
13. Has a positive out look on life.
14. Makes and keeps friends easily.
15. Have a great year and we love you, good luck in all that you aspire to.